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    Bringing the technology divide through Innovation

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    Shaping the most complex ideas into the best form

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    Leading the way to people and business transformation through technology

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About us

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Who We Are?

Ignition Group is a holding company that has gradually expanded to become a leading supplier of solutions to businesses in various domains: strategic consulting, logistics, renewable energy, marketing,communication and media. We closely work with our clients in the implementation of tailor-made and hands-on solutions in the mentioned fields. We aim to assist our clients by providing them with the knowledge and capacities to ensure long lasting and sustainable results.
We are able to deliver on our promise thanks to the wealth of experience in both our team and the strategic alliances with our partners all over the world. We make even the most highly complex ideas take shape in the best form.

Business Purpose

Ignition Group offers its clients,in collaboration with our various business units a unique spoke's person for the most complex business problem and we make it all look easy.

Our success largely depends on how well we are able to gel together the different units to provide remarkable solutions. Our people are the true asset that shape the group, these people are driven by three fundamental areas: Innovation, Client Service and Communication.


Ignition Group success is the result of close cooperation between the various business units, enabling it to provide the client a single spokesperson for even the most complex business problem.

These are some of the services that Ignition can offer for each business division: IT and business consulting, Logistics and outsourcing, E-marketing and advertising, Business Development for new markets, Equipment warranty Support and maintenance, Training and Project Design.

Our Markets

Thanks to our extensive network that runs from Europe to Africa and Asia, we have gained experience in different Markets both mature and emerging.

Ignition Group offers the necessary skills for companies to efficiently take advantage of the experiences we have had in different domains such as Internet Marketing, Health Insurance, Private and Public Health, Administration, the Automobil Industry, Renewable Energy, with particular attention to small and medium-size enterprises, large distribution and service companies.


Ignition Group offers some of the following products: Customized IT Systems, Mobiticket Service System, Intelligent LED Lights Software Solutions

Improve Productivity, enable Innovation and foster Efficiency

cross-cutting services

Strategy and Management Consultancy

Organisational Development

Human Resources Development

Technical, economic and financial feasibility studies

Training and Coaching

Policy Advice

IT Development

Procurement Management

Business Areas


Ignition Group offers market strategic business solutions to handle the complex business scenarios. Our aim is quite straight forward: To reduce inefficiency as much as possible, thereby decrease costs and increasing efficiency and therefore increase competitiveness. We are dedicated to this through innovative ways and solutions to running business in a very dynamic enviroment.


Our network and wealth of experience stretches from Europe to Italy and Asia, Ignition Group offers the necessary skills to efficiency exploit mature and emerging markets in the our different fileds of operation.


We provide a diverse range of services across numerous sectors and deliver tailored solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to achieve tangible results and sustainable impact. We cover the full project life cycle, from initial study and concept development to design and planning, monitoring of implementation, and evaluation with regards to specific technical assignments or global management tasks with interdisciplinary and integrated approaches.


Ignition Group offers some of the following products:
Customized IT Systems,
Mobiticket Service System,
Intelligent LED Lights Software Solutions.

Driving Innovative Solutions for your Business

the team

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Janis Kapenieks

Technical Director


Janis has a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Latvia and Master of Business Administration degree from Universita Cattolica in Milan, Italy. Janis Kapenieks has lectured on finance planning and analysis, international economy, and investor relations at Riga Technical University (university level education institution) and on e-commerce at College RCC, in Jurmala, LATVIA, (College level education institution). Jānis has experience in operational and finance management of a business company in the IT sector. The main activities and responsibilities included: controlling finances, developing new products, planning marketing and sales. In addition to that Janis has over 5 years’ experience in e-learning projects as researcher participating in 5 international e-learning projects financed by EU funds and Latvian government. The main duties included developing commercial strategy of various ideas at pre-market stage and e-learning course content development on business related subjects.

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Sonia Kichoncho-Rees

Uganda Country Manager


Sonia Kichoncho-Rees is the Uganda Country Manager of Ignition Group. She has an Honour’s degree in Land Surveying from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. Sonia has over 12 years experience in management of businesses and her experience cuts across IT to Real Estate. She has been at the forefront of product development and promotion especially with the introduction of innovative ideas into the market. Some of the activities included strategy and ascertaining commercial viability during development stage and follow through to implementation.


Riga Technical University

Partner with Us

Ignition Group has always been convinced that human resources are the true strengths of a successful company, which is why it continuously seeks the best people with the right attitude and competency skills to help achieve a leading market position. These are what we consider as priority partners,not just employees. It should known that we are always keen on meeting competent people that share our corporate values. Collectively we grow professionally through motivation,training and skills recognition.

Our Esteemed Partners are those companies that work hand in hand with us through our different projects in the different business divisions. Its for these different partnerships that our work is possible because of the experience and know-how they bring to the table.

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Resource Management

Ignition Group is not adopting Corporate Social Responsibility as an add on, its in our very fabric, its in everything that we do. The quickest example is in the way we relate with our employees. We are constantly keeping them motivated and comfortable and they are happy and rewarded for the work they put in. This in return leads to a very happy and satisfied work force which then leads to an effecient and very productive team not to mention reduced replacement costs for us as a company since employees wont leave a job they are happy with.

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Social & Environmental Awareness

Ignition Group through innovation has been able to identify gaps to improve lives for example under Ignition Medical, used medical equipment is sent to Africa from Europe due to the technology gap. We are also involved in renewable energy initiatives that include a project for LED street lighting under Ignition Energy which is designed to cut down on energy costs by 60%. We also provide employment and support for Ugandan Crafts makers under Treasure Africa.

Contact us


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